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Not a lot happened on this visit but the capital Ouagodougou was a good place to stay for a while.

Entry 2nd August 1999
Tripometer 15,563 kms
Currency CFA (1000 = £1)
Language French
Time GMT
Andrew up another waterfall

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The route from Dogon into Burkina is well travelled so the officials are familiar with the documents and have their receipt books at the ready to collect "for the commune"! Drove towards the capital Ouagadougou (Ouaga) and camped in the grounds of the OK Inn "for free if you have dinner in the restaurant". It was a much better option than the local campsite which was dismal at best and we tucked into a delicious dinner with as much freebie bread and butter as we could poke down our throats.

In the morning we got up (late) to sort out visas and the like. It was Tuesday and the French Embassy was shut. The Ghana Embassy said to come back on Friday to collect the visas as they were closing that day for a two day national holiday. Top planning! Anyway they eventually agreed to have them ready that afternoon and we dashed off to get some money before the banks shut early. Thank goodness for cash machines and visa cards. With the Ghana visa and cash obtained we raided the local supermarket for goodies then had a delicious dinner at the hotel. Later George (from Syria) who works at the supermarket came over for drinks.

The next day was very productive doing chores on the house. Andrew spent the day under the bonnet and under the car while I spent the day with my hands in the clothes washing bowl. Trying to dry the clothes discreetly in the hotel carpark was interesting. The site security guard visited us and stayed for an hour getting in our way and insisting on helping where we didn't need help. He then asked for a pressie for the work he had done! That night George took us out to the fantastic Zaka Bar in town for some live music. The singer was a big African mama in gold and had the most incredible voice. What a great night. (Don't worry "5 Go Mad" - she wasn't a patch on you - she didn't do Leader!) There was a Malcolm Merton character wearing a tank top strutting his stuff who added to the amusement.

Bleary eyed we left the OK Inn and continued towards Fada passing Camping Pharoe. This was not in our guide book but would have been a good camping option. Burkina locals have bicycles and mobylettes galore and Ouaga has dedicated lanes and parking for them. The route out of town was long and not very interesting. We dodged those on two wheels, drove under numerous vultures that were resting on lamp posts and passed vans with live goats and sheep tied to their roofracks.

It took most of the day to reach the border where the formalities were free and quick. We exited the country at the point where the tarmac ended.

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Ouagadougou Via Ouahigouya (from Mali) OK Inn at N: 12.20.160 W: 01.30.827
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